Next Day Roof Repair Utah County

There is no roofing repair project too big or too small for the Roof Guys. Whether you need all your shingles replaced, or one leak fixed, we make sure you are taken care of. In Utah Valley, wind damage and hail damage are common occurrences. We are experts in fixing the problems that happen here. When your roof is leaking, you want service immediately. The Roof Guys offers next day roof repair services on all roofing varieties and styles.  Bids for re-roofs and for repairs are always free, and response is next day guaranteed.

Types of Roof Repairs in Utah Valley

Wind and Storm Damage
Whether it is a couple of shingles or an entire section of shingles blown off.  We maintain the integrity of your roof as we replace shingles.
Ice Dams
Can cause water to back up underneath the shingles and leak into your house. This can be remedied with heat tape and making sure that ice and water shield is properly installed.
Tree Damage
Shingle damage caused by untrimmed or overgrown trees
•  The Roof Guys happily offers free bids on all roof repairs.
•  Our guys guarantee prompt service and amiable interactions on all our projects.
•  We offer next day roof repairs on all roofing types.
We are always available to answer questions and solve whatever roofing problems you may have.